Output Frequency: 927.5255
Input Frequency: 902.5255
Name: Leo Bayard
Callsign: KB8FUN
CTCSS: 131.8 Hz
Location: Dansville, MI – 15 Miles south-east of Lansing
Controller: Linkcomm 6port
Receiver: Motorola Maxtrac
Exciter: Motorola Purc 5000 transmitter
Amplifier: Purc 5000 250 watt contentious duty rated amp
Power Output: 150 watts
Duplexer: Wacom BPBR
Antenna: DB Products 10dB Antenna
Powersupply: Rack Mount 50amp Power Supply for controller and Receiver and remote base radios
Remote: Kenwood TS 2000 one 200 MHz Yaseu
4′ Tall rack mount cabinet houses, and the duplexers sit on top with a Preamp and extra filtering
The tower it’s on is a 180 foot with a side mounted antenna at 170 feet for the repeater and a few antennas for the remotes.
My father is N8obu and he helped me set this all of my repeater stuff up
I got my call sign when I was 10 years old on a bet with Dewie, kb8ub that I could do it before Dayton and if I did he would get me a HT at Dayton Ham-fest. I got it a few weeks before Dayton he did get me a radio I still use it to this day, it’s a Yaseu FT-50R. Thanks Dewie!
My original call-sign was Kc8zqa but I decided to change it Kb8fun. Kb8fun was the call-sign of Martin Ball, Who was a good friend of my father, and I carry his first name as my middle name. Leo Martin Bayard
Fred Moses, W8fsm and I designed, and maintain this web site, I originally designed it and with his major help perfected it and it keep evolving.