Output Frequency: 147.2800
Input Frequency: 147.8800
Name: Mike Bond
Callsign: KB8LCY
CTCSS: 100.00 Hz
Location: Lansing, MI
Controller: link comm dsp 404
Receiver: Kenwood TR7950 and 4 voted sites
Exciter: Motorola Nucelus paging transmitter
Amplifier: Motorola Nucelus 350 watt contentious duty rated amp
Power Output: 200 just  idling,,
Duplexer: Wacom BPBR
Antenna: DB Products 224 6dB Antenna feed with 1-1/4 feedline
Powersupply: Rack Mount 20amp Power Supply
Remote: Motorola 1225 uhf link radio pointed at 444.575  and voip too
6′ Tall rack mount cabinet houses, and the duplexers sit
The tower it’s on is a 150 foot with a side mounted antenna at 145 feet for the repeater and a beam for linking
This repeater started out as a snaper on 146.500 for years than I got a real repeater pair and started collecting bits and pieces and mike n8obu added some junk paging transmitter and this year we got a nice site to put it up and ordered a new antenna and feed line now it works the best it has in years next we will be adding a pl board and a few more toys thanks for stopping by mike kb8lcy aka bondo