Output Frequency: 444.0250
Input Frequency: 449.0250
Name: Jeff Metiva
Callsign: KB8SWR
CTCSS: 100 Hz COR Active
Location: Frankenmuth, MI – 15 Miles east of Saginaw
Controller: Linkcomm RLC 1+
Receiver: Motorola Micor. AAR Preamp
Exciter: Motorola PURC 5000 Paging Transmitter
Amplifier: Motorola PURC 5000 250Watt Continuous Duty PA
Power Output: 225 Watts
Duplexer: Wacom band-pass band-reject
Antenna: DB Products 10dB Antenna super stationmaster
Powersupply: 12 amp Power Supply for controller and remote base radios
Remote: RLC icm with the icom 900 stack. I have 2meter,220mhz,and 440mhz radio’.s The remote base is frequency agile, that can be controlled by an DTMF commands from your radio
Notes: 6′ tall rack mount cabinet, houses the transmitter, remote bases, duplexers, receiver and controller. The repeater antenna is fed with about 225ft of 1″1/4 Andrews hard line. I put my repeater up to be able to talk to people on mike n8obu’s repeater with a hand held from my house, the rest is history. I was lucky enough to have the years of experience of mike n8obu and tom n8ies to be able to put a top notch repeater up and not have to use a shoe phone or a bunch of relays to do the job (not that that stuff does’t work), it also helped that the equipment was available(I didn’t have to use high speed duct tape i was able to use stainless hose clamps). Our repeaters take alot of time, work, and money to put up and keep working. It is a effort that we all help each other out with. We put my repeater up on march 30 2002.