Output Frequency: 442.3250
Input Frequency: 447.3250
Name: Dewie
Callsign: KB8UB
CTCSS: 77.0 Hz
Location: Munith, MI – 15 Miles north of Jackson MI
Controller: Linkcomm club deluxe 6 port
Receiver: Spectra TAC with ARR Preamp
Exciter: Motorola PURC 5000 paging transmitter
Amplifier: Purc 5000 250 watt continues duty rated amps two amps are used to reach full output
Power Output: 225 Watts
Duplexer: Wacom band-pass band-reject
Antenna: DB dual 4 bay feed by 7/8 feed line at 100 feet
Powersupply: Rack Mount 50amp Power Supply for controller and Receiver and remote base radios
Remote: Kenwood TS 2000