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Output Frequency: 444.5750
Input Frequency: 449.5750
Name: Mike Bayard
Callsign: N8OBU
CTCSS: 107.2 PL is core active.
Location: Dansville, MI – 15 Miles south-east of Lansing
Controller: Linkcomm DSP404
Receiver: Kenwood TM 401 with ARR Preamp
Exciter: Motorola purc 5000 paging transmitter
Amplifier: Purc 5000 250 watt continues duty rated amps two amps are used to reach full output
Power Output: 225 watts
Duplexer: Wacom band-pass band-reject
Antenna: DB Products 10dB Antenna super stationmaster
Powersupply: Rack Mount 50amp Power Supply for controller and Receiver and remote base radios
Remote: Kenwood TS 2000b and a Yaesu 220mhz radio and a Motorola 1225 uhf radio.
we started cman linked system started over ten years ago with kb8lcy and I. then I met tom n8ies he linked in then jeff kb8swr then tj kc8lts next was fred w8fsm and on and on and on every year we gain a few more repeaters and a few more great users too  this system would not or could not grow without lots of team work
please use the system and respect it
thanks mike bayard n8obu.
 The chanes over time
6′ tall rack mount cabinet, houses the transmitter and remote bases and the duplexers an separate 12inch tall rack for the receivers and controllers.
The tower is 180 foot with a special mount i made to hold the superstation master antenna without any pipe.
The main remote base it frequency agile and most controls can be controlled by an DTMF commands from your radio.
This is version 4.01a. I have rebuilt this repeater over the years,
I started with a RC 100 controller and a fleet com 60 watt mobile and a comet 2×4 max it looked like the comet gp9 using 75ohm CATV coax for many years with 4 mobile radios for remotes and lots of relays and the phone patch was a shoe phone modified and relay switched on a gas station sign post with 20 foor of tower on it.